Begin your Family's Journey


This process is designed to make sure that we are the right school to serve the life-long learning needs for your child and your family.

We recognize that we ask you to dedicate time and thought to the process. Families who are thriving in our community often share that they truly enjoyed the process, and we hope you do too.

  • Fill out the introduction form.

    We want to know who you are! Let us know you're interested.

    We'll then send information about upcoming events, videos and books that will help your research process.

    Begin Application
  • Conduct your research and begin your formal application.

    Shortly after submitting Step 1, we'll send you an email with the formal application.

    More importantly, we'd love to meet you. We invite you to attend an event or reach out to say hi!

  • Complete your formal application. Let us know why you're interested in Slope School.
  • Collaborative interview. After receiving your responses, we'd like to make sure we've spent time with each family applying to Slope School. Your family may be invited for a collaborative interview. This meeting is informal and offers us a chance to ask questions and learn together.
  • Invitation to enroll. Congratulations!